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Child Outreach and Family Engagement

Part of the mission of Child's Play is to cultivate and share knowledge that enhances early childhood developement and family well-being.  Our extensive knowledge in the field of early childhood education allows us to be a resource to families. We can help parents understand the development of their child and assistance with potential referrals to agencies and community programs. We offer fee-for-service options to help identify children who might have a developmental dealy or disabilitiy and could benefit from intervention. 

Home Visit Consultations 

Child's Play offers fee-for-service home visits. We are available to come out to your home and facilitate a problem solving discussion realted to home or school realted issues, assist in helping make a family plan for challenging behaviors, or to discuss other issues related to early childhood development. 

We also offer write-up and follow-up services at our hourly rate. 


$75/hour + $50 consultation meeting fee 

Developmental Screenings 

As part of our balanced assessmnet process, Child's Play uses a variey of universally accepeted early childhood development screening tools. Our screening tools can help parents take a closer look at their child's development. We offer screeners that look at speech and language, a child's ability to learn, autistm spectrum disorder concerns, handwritting, and social and emotional development. These tools are designed to identify potential problems and do not establish a diagnosis of any particular disorder. We also incorporate parent input as part of our screening process. 


The screening process includes a write-up. 


$100/hour + $50 consultation meeting fee

Consultation Meetings 
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